Naughty Stripping

Diamond James makes another superb return again today. She intends to use this scene to her advantage to tease you as much as she can. Don’t worry she knows you love her and that you’re loyal but she just has some awesome things to show off. You see she’s been shopping today and she seems to have picked up this really skimpy and skin tight outfit that’s meant to be used when you’d typically go out for a nice jogging session. But since Diamond is her usual self, she wants to wear it and then take it off your for your pleasure!

As the cameras start rolling, DiamondJames starts to do her usual posing session around the room as she looks hot and sexy, then starting to take off her top, to reveal those round and perky breasts that all of you guys love so much. So without any more delays sit back and watch her session, as she then also starts to remove her pants as well. She wants you to get a good long look at her sexy curves and she’s not going to be happy if you don’t do as she desires. Watch her have her fun today guys and see you next week! Also you can click here and watch other beauties stripping!


Check out hot Diamond revealing her amazing curves!