Diamond James – Blowjob Video

Another great week and time for one more Diamond James video for you to enjoy and see. Today the horny little blonde finds herself having some sexual fun with a cock for a change. Remember when we said that she also enjoys her cock every now and then? Well this is to serve as proof that some of you guys might get lucky if you meet her on the streets and if she’s kind enough to give you a chance at her superb holes. Well this day the blonde felt that need of her pussy to be stuffed rising up again so she had to do something about it as always.

So she decided that for today she’d have some cock as it’s been a while since she got it on with a dude. She went to a bar and predictably she didn’t have trouble picking up a horny dude. Then she took him straight to her place as she wanted to take her time sampling his cock with her every hole today. Watch her suck his cock with a passion today and enjoy yourselves. We’ll be back next week just as always with more of her but we’d like to tell you to check out the rest of her updates as well. You won’t be disappointed one bit! If you liked this cutie check out brandibelle.org.uk website and have a great time watching another gorgeous babe like her sucking and fucking big cocks.

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Diamond James Video – Lesbian Dildo-Fucking

Today is one special day everyone. For today we bring you a Diamond James video featuring the horny and naughty blonde and another one of her friends. And we aim to bring you these kinds of updates on a regular basis in addition to her usual picture scenes. In this video the woman seems to have gotten her dirty little hands on a double sided dildo, and since she can’t really use it by herself she called in some extra available holes that were as ready as her to play around with the brand new and big sex toy today!

The brunette friend of DiamondJames comes back again for this one to help her out once again. Yup, she’s the other person that’s offering up her holes for a nice penetration tonight. Watch them fuck all over Diamond’s apartment this afternoon as they try out the dildo in various enticing positions. As you may remember the sexy woman told you that you’ll see only the best of her work and she held those claims true to the word thus far. You can continue to see them as along as you’ll enjoy them just like you did so far! If you’re looking for similar videos, enter the KissMeGirl site and see other gorgeous lesbians dildo fucking each other’s juicy cunt!

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Naughty Stripping

Diamond James makes another superb return again today. She intends to use this scene to her advantage to tease you as much as she can. Don’t worry she knows you love her and that you’re loyal but she just has some awesome things to show off. You see she’s been shopping today and she seems to have picked up this really skimpy and skin tight outfit that’s meant to be used when you’d typically go out for a nice jogging session. But since Diamond is her usual self, she wants to wear it and then take it off your for your pleasure!

As the cameras start rolling, DiamondJames starts to do her usual posing session around the room as she looks hot and sexy, then starting to take off her top, to reveal those round and perky breasts that all of you guys love so much. So without any more delays sit back and watch her session, as she then also starts to remove her pants as well. She wants you to get a good long look at her sexy curves and she’s not going to be happy if you don’t do as she desires. Watch her have her fun today guys and see you next week! Also you can click here and watch other beauties stripping!


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Sexy Diamond James Naked

Today Diamond James comes back with one more super sexy scene to show off today. This hot woman decided it was time for her to star in another solo scene just for you. And she did this as she felt that you guys need to learn her body a bit more better. So this is suppose to serve as a nice little guide to how her body looks. Well it’s welcomed nonetheless as we’re sure that you will enjoy her sprawling herself all over her couch in this afternoon as the cameras do a great job of capturing her every curve from every angle!


As we’ve said, the naughty little blonde chose her favorite couch as her posing setup and as you’ll see she did one marvelous job of showing off her superb body. Watch her as she undresses only to keep on her snake skin shoes, as she’s taking her seat on the couch. Watch as she spreads her legs wide open as she also bends over, to give you one brilliant view of her eager and wet pussy. As always we’ll be back next week with more of DiamondJames guys, so just enjoy this one and have fun with it. Until then we wish you our best! Also you can enter the http://www.amazingastrid.org site and see other beautiful ladies getting naked and rubbing their pussies!

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Horny Morning

Hey there yet again everyone. Diamond James returns once more with another superb gallery that’s made just for you to enjoy today. This time she really wants to show off her morning routine as she has a nice little ritual that she goes through every morning before starting her day. It’s not brushing her teeth, her hair or doing those usual things. That’s just common sense. In case that you can’t figure it out by yourselves we’re saying that this horny woman just has to fuck her cunt with something every morning for her to have a nice day.

Just before she’s ready to head down stairs and enjoy her breakfast, this naughty lady spreads open her pussy lips to tease herself until she gets very horny. And then she has a special treat for her wet cunt as it wakes up to a fresh new day. She always has prepared a big dildo that she uses to fuck herself. So watch her as she’s shoving that big toy inside her pussy this morning to make for a great DiamondJames porn scene this fine day. Enjoy her morning self pleasuring session with her toys and come back next week guys! Also you can enter the bridgetteb.net blog and have fun watching another blonde beauty dildo fucking her juicy pussy! Stay tuned!


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Diamond James – Pussy Pleasing

Another fresh week and time for another superb Diamond James update once again guys. This time the sexy blonde found herself another horny woman just as blonde and as horny as her. The two of them met at a party and they seemed to be interested enough in each other to leave the scene together tonight. They spent the whole evening talking abut what they like to do and stuff, and they learnt that both of them enjoy lesbian sex quite allot. And since this was a mutual passion the two decided to leave the party early together.

diamond-james-pussy-lickingThey did so, because DiamondJames and her new buddy were intending to spend the night having fun with their own little kind of party. AS you can pretty much guess, yes it involved them engaging in some hot and steamy lesbian sex to enjoy themselves tonight. So watch the superb girl on girl action scene as Diamond puts her new friend to hold her legs up as she’s working on her eager cunt with her expert mouth. Like always we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you again next week with more of Diamond and her scenes! Until then, you can enter the sapphicerotica.org blog and watch other lesbian beauties licking each other’s juicy cunt!

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Make Out Session

Today we make another comeback with more of Diamond James and her little sexual adventures. Well by now you have probably figured that this perfect blonde who is looking just like hot Delta White has a thing for other women and she always enjoys the company as well. To her it’s perfect since only women know exactly how to please one another and which buttons to push to turn each other on the most. That’s not to say that Diamond doesn’t enjoy cock, it’s just that she prefers women for a much better sexual experience every time. So let’s watch her and her buddy’s awesome scene today.

For this little update DiamondJames made yet another appeal to her brunette friend that’s always happy to show up at her door when they are about so spend some superb girl on girl action moments. The two of them are also dressed the part tonight as they’re wearing some enticingly sexy white night time lingerie outfits that simply makes them look astonishing. Watch as the two beautiful women engage is one sensual and hot kissing session on Diamond’s bed just for you today. We hope you enjoy and see you next week guys, we’ll have more of Diamond and her sexy scenes!


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Diamond James – Lesbian Dildo Play

This week we bring you another little Diamond James update. For this one miss James got the help of her brunette friend yet again as her pussy was in need of some more taking care of. For this scene the ladies hold back nothing and they’re very much intending to show off. This time cute blonde Diamond called her brunette buddy to come to her place asap as she couldn’t bear to wait any longer without something entering her little and wet cunt. The brunette knew what she had to do and that she was needed so she headed over.


As soon as she entered the door DiamondJames was already present and simply hugged her as they started to kiss passionately. The two of them continued their kissing session as they were taking off each other’s clothes as they were stumbling to reach Diamond’s bedroom. Once inside the brunette takes out her trusty dildo and bends the naughty blonde over to get easy access to her wet and eager pussy. So without further due, sit back and watch as Diamond gets her naughty pussy fucked hard by her best friend this afternoon!

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Lesbian Fun

Hey there once again everyone, Diamond James comes back yet again with more superb scenes for you to enjoy yourself with. This fine day she has a nice little lesbian session that she wants to show off and you get to see every tiny detail as she and her friend spent the whole night fucking wild and hard using some sex toys. This sexy slut is crazy about lesbian sex! The whole thing came to be when Diamond decided that for tonight she’s going to call in a little bit of help to help her unwind. And so she picked up the phone to make a call.

On the other end someone picked up and it was DiamondJames ‘s best friend. A naughty lady just like her with long flowing brunette hair. And with that things were settled with the female friend set to head on over do Diamond’s place. Guys you just can’t miss this one, you simply have to see these two very horny hotties going at it through the night this time. Watch as Diamond gets her cunt fucked hard with a red dildo and then see her and her buddy taking turns to please one another’s eager cunts tonight!


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Diamond James – Public Pleasing

Hey there guys, Diamond James returns today with another amazing gallery just for you to see. This time the naughty and sexy blonde goes for a nice outdoor shoot in which you get to see her play around with her incredibly hot body while she’s outdoors, and people can see her. Well she doesn’t really care, she just wants to enjoy herself, and if she’s having some extra viewers that get to see her then that’s all the more better for her. Sexy Diamond James knows that she has what to show off and she’s proud of it.


And speaking of being proud, DiamondJames is very proud of her body. And she has all the right to do so as if you’ll see her naked once, you won’t forget her too soon. She has a big pair of tits paired with a tight ass and a cute face. And that’s all she needs to get the attention of all the guys that she wants. For this scene she lays on her back on a motorcycle as she starts to undress and reveal her curves. And then you can see her fucking her cunt using her fingers once again. Enjoy her little public display today guys!

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